Zonecheck System


The Automatic Flow Switch Test System

A closed loop system that re-circulates water to simulate sprinkler head operation and tests the flow switch without discharging water.

Flow-switches installed in a sprinkler system are required to be tested on a quarterly basis, and for that test to be valid, sufficient water must pass the Flow-Switch to activate it, (equal to one Sprinkler head in operation) During a routine test, water is discharged from the Down Stream end of the pipe.

The unique ZONECHECK ® system is the modern way to carry out this important test quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Zonecheck ® simplifies testing by re-circulating the water within the pipe around the flow switch, to simulate the flow of the sprinkler head in operation.

Zonecheck System

How Zonecheck Works –

The Zonecheck solution is simply to connect a pump to either side of the flow switch to create a loop, then by switching on the pump, an artificial pressure difference can be created across the flow switch. This in turn generates a water flow around the loop, causing the flow switch to operate, but this time without any loss of water from the system.

In a standard flow switch test, water is discharged from the sprinkler system to create a flow past the flow switch causing it to operate.

Zonecheck Simply re-circulates the existing water around the flow switch (irrespective of the static pressure), creating a closed system with no water discharge.



Click the video to the left to see a demo of the zonecheck in operation.
Once the Key is turned:

  • The pump is activated, you can see the flow switch paddle move
  • The Green light means the pump is running correctly
  • The Red light means flow switch has sent a positive signal

Within seconds you will be able to complete your routine f low switch test just by turning a key.


Zonecheck inquiries –

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