Livetap system

LivetapFM Approval

Under Pressure Drilling System.

Allows modification and extension to ‘Live’ sprinkler systems without the need to drain down or de-activate sprinkler system. Full fire protection maintained at all times.
Livetap system
LIVETAP ® allows sprinkler system modification and extension without the need to drain down the system, saving water and ensuring sprinkler protection to the building is maintained at all times.
The benefit of using Livetap means that substantial volumes of water are saved every time you need to make change to the system.

The under pressure drilling concept has been developed to address the issues that arise when planning and implementing modifications to existing sprinkler systems and modifying head locations.

Livetap® Videos


  Livetap Installation –

Installation video of the “No-Drain T” being installed using Livetap



  Operating Principle –

Animated video showing the operating principle of the Livetap drilling system.


Livetap inquiries –

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Livetap® Options

111Kwik-Vent® Live
A simple solution to add a system venting point where it’s most beneficial with draining down.  Also a connection for adding components such as pressure gauges.

222Kwik-Drain® Live
Using the Livetap Technology allows the user to quickly install a drain connector at the most beneficial location without draining down the system.

333Developed specifically for the purpose of live tapping and engineered to provide a branch tee without an in-line valve and without draining down.  Allows the “Live” installation of additional sprinklers.