GVI Fire Pump Test Meters

Fire Pump Test Meters

GVI has become the most trusted and requested fire pump test meter in the world.  The reason?  Simple, we offer the greatest accuracy, we carry the longest warranty (Full 5 years), outstanding pricing, and our customer service / responsiveness to client needs is second to none.  We didn’t become #1 by accident.

GVI Continuous Improvement Highlights

100% USA MACHINED VENTURI FLOW METERS  –  In early 2015 we finalized our transition to machining in house with our new CNC lathe.  Our machine guarantees our accuracy and tolerances of .002.  To learn more about our machine, or to watch “The Life of a GVI Venturi” click here.

DIGITAL It has taken years to perfect our digital gauge, and we are finally there.  The new GVI digital gauge has a 4-20 ma output that can transmit flow data back to the controller, laptop or software.  There is no bounce and is by far the easiest gauge to read.  The GVI digital gauge is now FULLY FM APPROVED!!!!   To learn more about the digital gauge or watch a video of a pump test, click here.

NEW VENTURI DESIGN – This is our most exciting development of 2015.  Our engineers at GVI have studied the fluid dynamics within the venturi and identified a design change that will sweep the industry.  After initial testing, the first thing we noticed is a flat coefficient which is critical for consistent accurate readings.  Our readings were so good, we are conducting 3rd party flow testing that will prove our accuracy is closer to 0.5%.  IN ADDITION: the design is so revolutionary, we applied for a design patent which was accepted by the patent office.  This makes GVI the ONLY fire pump test meter supplier with a Patented venturi.  GVI’s new Design is FM Approved.

GVI Patent # D764,630S

For more information on the GVI developments, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@gviflow.com

Pricing –

To compliment our quality and warranty, we also offer outstanding pricing. You will not find a better price in this industry for a fire pump test meter.  We do not charge more for a “Dual Reading Gauge” or a Grooved vs Buttweld venturi, and that’s how it should be.

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