GVI Accessories

GVI Accessories


Air Vent for bypass line –

An air vent on your bypass line is an easy way to make sure you collect accurate data from your pump test. The vent in installed on the bypass line between the bypass valve and the flow meter. Any excess air in the system will be expelled before reaching the flow meter, avoiding cavitation and providing accurate readings. Contact your GVI rep for more information.




Hoses / Valves –

GVI carries a large stock of hoses and valves for the test meters. If your project calls for 8′ hoses, we have those ready to ship. Click the links below for detailed ordering information on hoses and valves, meter faces, and instruction tags.

Hoses OnlyHoses with complete fittingsFitting parts, meters, tags




Spooling Pieces –

Global Vision offers spooling pieces, grooved x grooved, grooved x flanged, and flanged x flanged. Available in 150# and 300# flanged. See details in the link below, and for more information and pricing contact your GVI rep.

GVI Spooling Pieces