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GVI Fire Pump Test Meters

Global Vision Designs and sells only world class Fire Pump Test Meters. A patented “No Bounce” technology in our meter means that you are able to read the gauge, every time. With our outstanding pricing, and a full 5 year warranty, your choice for flow meters is clear. FM_Logo_blue-99x56
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Zonecheck System

Conducting routine tests on sprinkler flow switches has often consisted of several hours, loss of water pressure, fire pumps engaging, and pumping the test water outdoors. But not anymore!!! Zone check simply recirculates water around the switch, eliminating all above listed concerns.
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Livetap system

LIVE sprinkler systems. No drain down is required making it the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to make modifications while complying with all local codes.
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HVAC line

soon be stocking valves and components as well. Please contact us for more information on the HVAC line.
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GVI Accessories

Global Vision carries a large supply of spare parts and accessories in house. If you are looking for new hoses, bleeder tubes or valves, adapters, ball valves, back-flow test kits, or even just operating instructions, let us know and we will supply the parts you need.
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