GVI brought quality to a whole new level with our own CNC Lathe

At GVI we are always looking at process improvements in operations and flow meter manufacturing.

With the addition of our new CNC Lathe, GVI now has complete quality control over production. Each unit is built to exact tolerances and specifications, which is the quality you have come to expect.

All Steel used is produced right here in the US, which means our flow meters are proudly 100% made in USA.

The machined venturi is far superior to spun or cast venturi units. There is no porosity, no threat of leaks, cracks or weld issues.

The GVI machined venturi IS the highest quality venturi on the market.

Please contact your GVI rep for more information on this and other exciting advancements we are working on.


View the below video to witness how the GVI venturi is produced from start to finish.  You will understand why we have the tightest tolerances in the industry and why GVI has become the largest and most requested fire pump test meter.